Bring your daughter

We’ve had several people ask about bringing their daughters to We.aRe, and the answer is yes!  Is your daughter a budding entrepreneur?  Or perhaps you think she would like a weekend away with mom, and doesn’t mind occupying herself while you’re in the sessions.


The Sequoia Retreat Center has a lawn area with a few lawn games for some outdoor fun.  We have the whole retreat center for our group, so there won’t be any other groups there to worry about.  During meal times and in the evening, your daughter can enjoy the conversation and company of a group of supportive women.

Keep in mind that the Sequoia Retreat Center is in the woods, so if you have a child who is prone to wandering off you’ll have to create some ground rules for her.

We’ve created a special add-on ticket for your daughter, at a discount.  It is priced to cover our direct costs for her housing and food for the weekend.  Like your ticket, it covers lodging for two nights in a cabin (cabins sleep 4, bunk-style), and homemade meals and snacks.

Making the sale

Our third and final keynote speaker will be Jackie Omotalade, better known as Jackie O.  She is a Renaissance woman and an entrepreneur.  Jackie runs a batik and textile boutique called Ruth Omosunbo, which imports hand crafted textiles and textile art from all over the world.  This social enterprise is her entrepreneurial expression of her great passion for using innovation to improve people’s lives all over the world.

photo 4

Jackie is also an attorney with extensive experience in public health policy in the US, Central America, Asia, and Africa.  She worked for years on public health policy with California Pacific Public Health Training Center (CALPACT), and was instrumental in improving hospital management practices (including reducing patient wait time by 50%) in all 13 public hospitals in Ethiopia.  In Kenya, Jackie’s work reached over 68,000 people with messages promoting HIV/AIDS education.

As if this weren’t enough, Jackie is also active in politics.  As a Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia, Jackie managed a local NGO that trained domestic workers in participatory activism.  She is currently the field director for the David Chiu for Assembly campaign and writes a blog called The Politico Princess.

Whether convincing someone to vote for a particular candidate, convincing hospital staff to change their processes, or selling custom textiles, all of these demand someone who can sell an idea.  Jackie is a powerhouse of positive energy, who will treat us to an interactive, high-energy explanation and demonstration on the process of closing.

Whether you call it closing the deal, making the sale, or winning the client, it can be scariest part of being an entrepreneur–until you see how easy it looks when Jackie does it!

More building. Less drama.

The opening speaker at the this year’s retreat is Oscia Wilson, founder of Boiled Architecture.  If ever someone were to be described as a pragmatic optimist, it would be someone who founded a company  with the motto “More building.  Less drama.”

Oscia Wilson is a licensed architect and a  graduate of the Haas MBA program at UC Berkeley.  At 30 years old, new to the Bay Area, and in the middle of a recession, Oscia founded a new company that has grown to six people in less than three years–despite competing in an industry that is largely male-dominated and values experience above all else.

Oscia believes in the power of transparency, and will open her company’s finances to the attendees at this year’s retreat to tell the story of her first three years in business.

While telling that story, she’ll talk about all the guerrilla tactics she used to survive and grow, placing emphasis on guerrilla tactics for establishing credibility when you’re the new kid on the block.

For all of you with creativity-based businesses

Although we won’t be announcing the full set of speakers and workshops until February, we wanted to give you a sneak peak to get you excited to buy your ticket before early prices expire (January 31).  So we’d like to introduce you to Willo O’Brien, who will be talking all about Systemizing Your Business!

Willo O'Brien

Willo O’Brien has made a career out of creativity. A prolific artist, tech geek, and creative business consultant/coach for over a decade, she knows what works and what doesn’t in the ever-changing world of startups and innovative small business.

After founding several businesses of her own, and serving as co-founder of two successful startups, she now shares her expertise teaching and coaching other multi-hyphenated professionals (like you) to find that elusive sweet spot and grow an engaged audience of loyal supporters.

Maintaining your momentum without fading is Willo’s forte. Coining the term Creative Sustainability, she’s produced multiple programs inspiring people to stay connected to their self-care, creativity and the passion in their lives. Bringing forward invaluable field experience to save you precious time and energy getting your MVP, website or ‘someday/maybe’ dream launched and out in the world, Willo is in it to win it: for you, your project, and your team.

Willo can be found at and @WilloLovesYou on every social platform out there… say hello!

2014 We.aRe theme revealed: Guerrilla Business Tactics for Women

Guerrilla tactics are about the art of doing more with less.  Your competitors are bigger, better funded, and more established than you.  That’s when you use every secret, hack, and shortcut you can get your hands on.

Among other things, we’ll talk about secrets for establishing credibility, covert tactics for getting access to the right people, and quick and dirty hacks for doing all sorts of thing you thought you had to pay big money for.

Each of the workshops and keynote talks will address a critical area of business, through the lens of guerrilla tactics.  You’ll leave the weekend an empowered rebel, armed with unconventional tools and techniques that aren’t taught in business school.  I bet you even have one or two tips of your own to share, don’t you?

You deserve a little support

WE.aRe 2014 is a weekend retreat for women starting and running their own businesses. If you are a creative woman who is running your own business, freelancer, or key player in a start-up, this is your exclusive opportunity to connect with other women with visions of how to create powerful impact with their businesses. Enjoy a mini-MBA with fellow entrepreneurs and see your business take flight.

Women Entrepreneurship Retreat 2014

Friday, April 11th  –   Sunday, April 13th

Sequoia Retreat Center

11445 Alba Rd, Ben Lomond, CA

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